Saint-Petersburg is a unique city. And it is not an allegation but an incontestable fact. Is there another one atmospheric metropolis in Russia where one can find almost a full collection of architectural, sculptural and picturesque masterpieces of Russia? And there is no need to say much about such pleasant moments as drawbridges, night riverboat trips in St. Petersburg.
You will get great pleasure by combining a full educational format of the Congress with a sightseeing program.

We are inviting you to the Golden Needle Congress!

As a gift, we offer you a wonderful tour! A romantic boat trip under the bridges that raise their wings during the navigation.
Get priceless knowledge in the field of permanent makeup and visit the sights of the Northern capital, museums, cathedrals, churches, as well as the suburbs of St. Petersburg, impressive in its grandeur and beauty!

We are waiting for you!

Hilton, which combines the traditions of the past and the present, is one of the largest hotel corporations with more than 4200 hotels and resorts located in 93 cities around the world.
At every Hilton hotel we guarantee you a warm welcome, excellent service, comfortable, elegant rooms and a wide range of opportunities for work and leisure:
large indoor pool;
snow fountain;
shower of impressions;
aromatic sayna;
Finnish sauna.

Karelica ECO-SPA:
We achieve a holistic effect, affecting all senses, combining all the elements. Using the resources of our region, we help each guest to feel the power that is given by the earth itself.

Access to the pool for 2 hours once a day is included in the rate guests of the Hilton St Petersburg ExpoForum. Additional stay or visit is paid according to the approved price list.

Address: Petersburg sh., 62, Corp. 1, the territory of Pulkovo Shushary settlement
Phone: +7 812 647-74-84
Site: hilton.ru

The hotel is located in the Expoforum territory. There are buses and free regular shuttle to Moskovskaya metro station and Pulkovo airport. For your convenience there is a schedule of the trasfer (PDF).