Permanent make up championship 2019:

Contest tasks:

CANDY LIPS. Lips permanent make up on the model.
REALISTIC AREOLA. Areola permanent make up on latex.
VELVET BROWS. Brows permanent make up in the technique of shading on the model.
PERFECT HAIRSTROKE. Brows permanent make up in the technique of hairs on the model.
MICROBLADING. Brows microblading.

• Brows permanent makeup is done with several pigments;
• Permanent makeup should be natural on the model’s face;
• On the model’s face there should be no previously made permanent makeup in the area of work, there should be no decorative cosmetics;
• Time of the competition task (including the application of anesthetic) is two hours.

More detailed information about the criteria of the competition entries will be sent to the participants of the championship.

Participation rules.
Conditions of participation in the contest:

Golden Needle independent championship is open. Specialists, regardless of citizenship and place (country) of permanent residence, can take part in the competition. Age is not limited.
Artists, having the experience up to 2 years and a diploma (certificate) of permanent makeup artist, regardless of the institution, are allowed to take part in the championship in the “Junior” category. And also artists, having the experience of over 2 years, are allowed to participate in “Profi” category.
Timely submission of the correct application, copies of documents, payment of the registration fee to the Organizing Committee.
All participants work with their own equipment, pigments and disposable materials.
All participants provide models to themselves on their own. A foreign participant provides an interpreter to himself / herself on his / her own.

The procedure of participants registration:

1. Send a championship participant application to the organizing committee.

Applications are accepted via the official website of the organizers , email , as well as in the office of the organizing committee (St. Petersburg Bolshoy Prospekt of Petrogradskaya Side 22-24) The application form must be filled no later than 20 days before the start of the championship.

The registration is considered valid upon availability:

• Document of basic education of PM artist;
• Application form;
• Payment of the registration fee of the championship participant;
• Payment of the Congress ticket.

2. Provide copies of documents:
Specialized education diploma (certificate).
The contestant can participate in any of the proposed nominations of the championship.

Organization and procedure of work.

• When registering, the participant and his / her model are given badges and a personal number that corresponds to the workplace number;
• Badges with the number are not removed until the evaluation of the competition works is done;
• The participant assumes all risks associated with the permanent makeup procedure;
• Additional time is given for cleaning the workplace after the procedure;
• Participant can use only application anesthetic;
• Injection anesthesia is prohibited;
• Participants must appear at the championship 1 hour before it starts;
• The model is allowed to the championship, if she is fully informed by the master about the contraindications to the procedure and possible consequences. (including a signed informed consent);
• Each model should come to the photo shoot before the procedure and immediately after the procedure. Photography is carried out on the competition site by a specialist of the organizing committee;
• After the “Start” command, participants and models must be within the competition area and not leave it until the “Stop” command;
• Before the championship there is a training for all participants – “Theoretical and practical training for championship preparation”.

Participant’s workplace
1. The organizing committee provides each participant with an equipped workplace:
• couch;
• chair of the specialist;
• cosmetic table;
• lamp;
• power socket;
• set for the model (hat, shoe covers, drapery);
• cotton swabs and discs, cosmetic wipes;
• wastebasket.

2. Other supplies and equipment are provided by the participant:
• permanent make up machine;
• disposable needles or cartridges, pigments;
• disinfectant for skin and mucous membranes;
• antiseptic gauze wipes;
• pencils, brushes, markers for drawing, sharpeners;
• anesthetic;
• disposable gloves (only light gloves are allowed);
• masks;
• disposable cap;
• set of beautician clothes (including a cap);
• replaceable footwear;
• mirror;
• tweezers etc.

Evaluation criterion.

The jury evaluates each work according to the following criteria:

1. Matching the shape of the eyebrows/lips to the model’s appearance
2. Technique.
3. The correct selection of the color scheme of pigments.
4. Observance of hygiene rules during work.

More detailed information about the criteria of the competition entries will be sent to the participants of the championship.
Penalty point.

• Lack of beautician uniform
• Clutter in the workplace (unnecessary items should not be on the workplace)
• Accessories on hands
• Health code and procedure rules violation

Penalty points can be awarded for rules violation during the contest task by the judge – hygienist, who is constantly located in the competition area.

Panel of judges.

The open system of judging. All points awarded by the judges will be publicly available to each participant.
The contest jury is presented by the best Russian and international leaders and experts in the industry of permanent makeup.


At the end of the championship I, II, III prizes will be awarded in each of the nominations. All participants will be awarded with participants diplomas of the independent championship “Golden Needle”.

The Absolute Winner, the owner of the Grand Prix of the Championship is the participant who scored the maximum number of points in the maximum number of nominations.
Participants and winners will receive special prizes and gifts from the organizers, sponsors and members of the jury of the championship.

Participation in the competition gives an invaluable experience of public speaking, the opportunity to test your professionalism, leaves an unforgettable impression, gives an incentive for further improvement… After all, the main thing is not even the first place. The most important is the victory over oneself.

Location and time of the Championship.

September 20, 2019

9.00-9.45 – Gathering and registration of the participants of the Open Championship
9.45-10.00 – Welcome speech to the participants of the Independent Open Championship.
Beginning of the competitions.
10.00 – 12.00 CANDY LIPS. Lips permanent make up on the model.
10.00 – 12.00 REALISTIC AREOLA. Areola permanent make up on latex.
13.00 – 15.00 VELVET BROWS.
Brows permanent make up in the technique of shading on the model.
13.00 – 15.00 MICROBLADING.
Brows permanent make up in the technique of hairs.

62 Petersburg highway, housing 1
Phone: +7 812 64774-84

Cost of participation.

To participate in the Independent Championship “Golden Needle” a contribution for participation in the amount of 170€ for participation in one category should be made. For the participation in the second and subsequent nominations – 110€.

See you in St. Petersburg!

Congress organizing committee:
Tel 8-800-500-01-71
+7 (911)155-61-10
7 (981) 961-62-06

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Championship Judges 2019:

Тони Бельфатто
Toni Belfatto
Creator of the Academy “Orsini & Belfatto”.
Creator of the Belfatto lab project.
Permanent make up and medical dermopigmentation specialist.
President of the Italian Association of tattoo artists (AIDER).
Speaker and representative of Italy at medicine and micro pigmentation congresses in more than 50 countries.
The author and the inventor of trihopigmentation and the owner of the patent for special equipment.
The author of several books on permanent makeup and trihopigmentation, translated into 5 languages.
He has been working as a master since 1989.
Анна Заболотная
Anna Zabolotnaya
Director of the International Academy of Permanent Makeup and Aesthetic Dermopigmentation Biotek, Russia.
Diploma in Arts. Member of IFA.
World-class Maitre-teacher of permanent makeup, aesthetic dermopigmentation and tricopigmentation.
Author of a large number of publications, developer of creative techniques for permenent makeup.
Winner of the first championship “Contour Veka” in Russia (2003)
Speaker at International permanent makeup conferences.
Judge of permanent makeup championships in Russia, America, Europe, Asia.
Member of Coordination Council of the Society of Aeshetic Dermopigmenation Professionals.
Faculty Member of the International Permanent Makeup University Biotek in Milan, Italy
Дарья Павловская
Daria Pavlovskaya
The founder of the permanent makeup Studio and training centre “Kaluga Ink”.
Certified trainer-teacher of NPM company (Israel);
Organizer of “The first Kaluga Tattoo Festival “Color Life 2013”.
Has a higher art education in the field of design.
Participant, prize-winner, finalist of the permanent makeup Championships 2014-2015 in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Participant and prize-winner of the permanent makeup championship in Yekaterinburg in 2014.
Sanitary judge of the championship “Golden Needle” 2015 in St. Petersburg.
Is a member of the business community “Association of entrepreneurs of Kaluga region”.
Winner of the qualifying round of the “Second open European championship in permanent makeup and microblading” in the category “Pro”. Moscow, 2017.
Speaker at international conferences in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Astana, Ufa, Kazan.
Trainer in Israel, Belarus and in various cities of Russia (Moscow, Rostov-on-don, Kazan…)

Natalie Masnaya
The organizer and the judge of the Ukrainian Open championship on permanent art “Empire
beauty in a permanent style”.
Chairman of the panel of judges of the Ukrainian Open championship on permanent art
“Master of the year 2014” and “TOP Master permanent make-up –
Certified trainer-teacher of the International League of permanent
makeup’s professionals.
Certified trainer-a teacher and a representative of the company NPM International in Ukraine.
Silver medalist in the team competition of the world championship IBV-19 in the category reincarnation.
Winner of the world championship IBV-19 in the nomination “Woman universe”
The owner of the training center for permanent makeup PERMANENT-STYLE UKRAINE
Ирина Захарова
Irina Zakharova
Founder and General Director of the Center of cosmetic tattoo Irina Zakharova.
Champion of Russia in permanent makeup.
Judge of numerous competitions on permanent makeup – Eyebrow World Festival Rotterdam, the international Congress “Beauty Boom” 2018, “International Tournament in permanent makeup for the Cup USED”, international Gala and competition on permanent makeup “Nevskie lines”, an Open competition for professionals permanent makeup “Permanent makeup professional”, “The First championship on permanent makeup of Greece” etc.
The speaker of the international congresses and symposiums on permanent makeup.
St. Petersburg

Томашивская Виктория
Tomashivskaya Victoriya
Expert in permanent makeup and dermopigmentation of international class with over 20 years of experience. Psychologist.
The head of own licensed international Training Center of permanent makeup.
The author of training methodology.
The author of the patented technique of introducing pigment for the correction of skin with different degree of defeat.
Author of the patented technique Pastel.
Exclusive representative and certified trainer of NPM International and Rejuvi in Russia.
Winner of the international Tattoo Convention.
Permanent teacher of certified cosmetology courses for doctors from the State Medical University.
The author of numerous articles on permanent makeup.
Organizer and speaker of International Congresses.
A member of the jury of the championship on permanent makeup.
St. Petersburg
 Алла Ромазанова
Alla Romazanova
Permanent makeup artist.
Founder of the Studio “Romazanova”.
Founder of the Association of permanent makeup professionals in Belarus
Certified trainer, representative of the NPM company in Belarus.
14 years of artistic experience
Юлия Виннер
Julia Winner
Permanent make up artist of international class.
Experience more than 16 years.
The owner and founder of the school -studio of permanent makeup “CONTUR”.
Professional makeup artist.
The member of Society of aesthetic dermopigmentation specialists
Certified trainer of “Biotek” company.
Multiple prize-winner of permanent make up championships of Russia.
Champion Of The Volga Region Of Russia.
Silver medalist of the Russian championship “Contour of the century”.
Participant of Russian and international permanent makeup congresses, including congresses in Minsk, Poland, Georgia, Brazil.
The judge of the Championships, tournaments and competitions of permanent make-up.
Russian champion of the international championship “Golden Needle” 2015.
Ольга Дробот
Olga Drobot
The founder and head of the Center of Permanent makeup, coach of the Academy of Permanent makeup Olga Drobot Krasnodar.
Winner of the Russian award “Leader of the year” and “Made in Russia” with the support of the State. Russian Duma 2018 – 2019
Master of international level.
Speaker of international conferences and forums.
Judge Championships and competitions.
Professional master of laser removal of old and incorrect tattoo.
The coach of the gold medal winners of the international Championships.
The author of own technique in permanent makeup “Flutter”.

Roman Radikovsky
Six-time gold medalist of the permanent makeup Championships.
Speaker and judge of international Conferences and Championships.

Championship “GOLDEN NEEDLE” 2017 видео и фото: